It’s New Year’s Eve ~ a time for endings and beginnings.  For me, it’s not about resolutions.  They work for some, not for me.  Like many others, I choose a word of intention for The Coming Year.

My word for 2018 is FOCUS.


I will focus on The Light.

I will focus on who and what is in front of me.

When I’m on the phone, I’ll focus on that conversation ~ not on what I could simultaneously be doing, while in that conversation.

When I’m sharing in a meal, meeting, or experience with others, I will focus on that.  I will ignore my phone – period.

When I’m afraid or frustrated, I’ll focus on what’s on the other side of that fear and frustration, instead of how my feelings are distracting my focus.

Here’s the gig for me.  Life is short and precious.  Who and what are in front of me, in each given moment, matter most.  So, this coming year, I’m going to live into that focus. 

I look forward to being more in-focus of and with you.

What’s your focus for 2018?





4 thoughts on “12.31.17

  1. My word is Vitality. When I wrote about it this morning, I included “ in the moment” and “mindful choices” in the definition. I’m thinking once again we’re on similar journeys, my friend. Wishing you a special year!

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