a week of nows – week 3

My word for 2018 is focus, which requires paying attention to the moment – the now. So, this year, I’ll be taking note of experiences I may have missed, without focus. Many may seem to be BGO’s ( blinding glimpses of the obvious), but hey, I might have missed them.

Here’s this week of NOWS:

Buttermint tea helps me prepare for a restful night.

It seemed like an osprey was following my car. So, I pulled off the road. The osprey circled over my car twice, tilting its wings like a trick plane and them flew away. I’m not sure if that was a sign, but even if it wasn’t, it was meant for me.

As a woman, a weekend with longtime gal pals cures ails I didn’t even know I had.

I’ve been making really good clam chowder for years. NOW I know a little thyme and a fresh bay leaf makes it even better.

Life relationships require work. And that work is worth every-single-second.

I don’t care that I can’t teach my old dog new tricks. I want to learn everything I can from her, while she’s still here.

Meeting someone for the first time, whom I feel like I’ve known forever is beyond sacred.

Last minute preparation is often my best.

Watching someone I love cry with joy made me cry with joy.

No matter how well I think I know someone, there is always room for surprise.

Julian of Norwich’s revelations are at least as relevant today, as they were in her day.

Magic can be created with a little dye and a silk scarf.

Spiritual does not always mean serious.

Evensong with Schola Cantorum of the Diocese of East Carolina is an exquisite way to end a week.

What NOWS did you experience this week?

2 thoughts on “a week of nows – week 3

  1. Thanks for the reminder to encounter Julian of Norwich again!

    My ‘now’ moments –
    * A pileated woodpecker visits the pecan tree in my back yard during my bird viewing meditation moment of the morning.
    * I identify a junco for the first time.
    * Kaffe Fassett collective fabrics explode with glorious color on a freshly cleared shelf in my sewing room
    * I am reminded once again that it takes a lot longer to avoid a bureaucratic chore than it does to DO it – months vs. minutes.
    * Daily calls with my brother as he recovers from knee re-re-replacement bring back lots of remembered moments.
    * Getting on the road with my ‘Holy Scrap’ sewing buddies initiates another year of great times, yummy seafood, and viewing (but not buying) luscious fabric.

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