a week of nows #5

My word for 2018 is focus, which requires paying attention to the moment – the now. So, this year, I’ll be taking note of experiences I may have missed, without focus. Many may seem to be BGO’s ( blinding glimpses of the obvious), but hey, I might have missed them.

Here’s this week of NOWS:

one of my oldest friends has the youngest spirit;

spotting a loon on LKW is as cool as hearing it;

that moon;

unpacking the boxes of Mom’s life leads to unpacking on.many.levels;

the world really hasn’t ended because I’ve only unpacked a few boxes;

I’m amazed by how excited I am to turn 60 in a couple of months;

along with LKW and Trinity Center, the Grove Park Inn is one of my happy places;

just when I thought I’d attended my last concert, James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt go on tour;

some of the people I’ve known the longest, I’ve only recently met;

Julian of Norwich was right, all shall be well;

knowing a friend’s life recently has more joy and healing gives my life more joy and healing;

my gratitude to and love for Tom often overwhelms me;

adding sparkling water to cornbread batter really does make it lighter; and

sometimes, the best way to help a friend is to keep sharing the message, “you can do this.”

What NOWS did you experience this week?







2 thoughts on “a week of nows #5

  1. * EAGER to go to the pool to walk in water, not just willing.
    * line up outside my window: robin, woodpecker, blue jay. All at one time.
    * lively book club discussion keeps me happily awake past ‘bedtime’.
    * discover sheet pan meal making – great flavor, good veggies, easy to prepare and clean up

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