a week of nows ~ # 12

My word for 2018 is focus, which requires paying attention to the moment – the now. So, this year, I’ll be taking note of experiences I may have missed, without focus. Many may seem to be BGO’s (blinding glimpses of the obvious), but hey, I might have missed them.

Here’s this week of NOWS:

a beautiful Mass with a lifetime pal;

healing laughter;

a road trip with Tom;

Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts;

a traffic-free Richmond, thanks to snow;

the brightness of camilias in the snow;

the beauty of farmland;

watching snow fall all day long;

the hope of a hyacinth sprouting through the snow;

the promise of March for Our Lives Rallies;

the power of story-telling, story-listening; and

people changing The World.

What NOWS did you experience this week?

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