a week of NOWS ~ #34

My word for 2018 is focus, which requires paying attention to the moment – the now. So, this year, I’ll be taking note of experiences I may have missed, without focus. Many may seem to be BGO’s (blinding glimpses of the obvious), but hey, I might have missed them.

Here’s this week of NOWS:

one of those beyond-sacred ‘spoke.right.to.my.heart.at.the.exact.right.moment’ sermons;

recalling very dear memories, as I was preparing my great-niece’s 20th birthday card,

how homemade vegetable soup often tastes better as a leftover;

the healing and relaxing power of lavender;

the power of storytelling and storyLISTENING;

wondering how many times I’m going to need to be reminded (the hard way) NOT to scratch my eye while prepping jalapenos;

witnessing the.first.three.leaves falling in my yard;

that there are always more than enough pinecones;

the joy of creating food for people I love;

how fear shared can be fear diluted;

holding hands;

riding in an elevator with a woman who was wearing a duplicate of Mom’s favorite top;

a truly wonderful Tex-Mex meal;

watching a zebrafish claim its space;

that.moment.of.relief when The Doctor walks into the waiting room;

the fun of Wearing your Gratitude. and yes, you can get your own grateFULL t-shirt here 😜💜✔️

What NOWS did you witness or experience this week?

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