Songs of Hope ~ week 1

My word for this year is YET.

Yet helps me choose how I live in the space beween what what was, what is and what’s not (you guessed it) yet. Living in the yet, with the yet, requires great hope. To fuel that hope, I’m in search of great songs of hope.

Here’s one of my favorites from George Harrison and Paul Simon.


THANKS for sharing your favorite songs of hope with me at So I can share them on Sundays, right here.

6 thoughts on “Songs of Hope ~ week 1

  1. Well, then,
    Since I am older than you….one of my most favorite one hit wonder and a most hopeful song is one we all can relate: Spirit in the Sky

  2. Peace Train, Love Train, Sunshine on My Shoulder, Little Brown Church in the Vale, Onward Christian Soldiers, This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land….could go on and on. Thanks for making me think about how hopeful most of life really is….

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