Enough #28

My word for 2020 is ENOUGH.

It’s such a great word and realization. And it’s so versatile!

  • I can use it while standing tall, with clenched fists and lots of exclamation points. “Enough of THAT!!!”
  • I can use it when I remember to put Fear in the back seat. So I can get on with Life. “Enough, already.”
  • I can use it when no matter how I try, things just don’t turn out as I planned or wanted. So I can allow a glimmer of grace to creep-in and flip my compassion switch ON. “:: deep sigh:: Enough.”
  • I can also use it when God/The Universe/and Everything Good presents one of those gobsmacking moments of awe and love. “THIS is enough.”

Sometimes, when I’m tired of not being able to fix everything that’s wrong with the world 🤣🤣🤣, I try just fixing one thing. Saturday was one of those days for me.

Tom, after we built this more-than-five-feet-high pile of yard debris.

I have a couple of trees that died, as a result the flooding from Hurricane Florence. I waited and hoped they’d survive. After almost two years, they haven’t. In the midst of prepping for last week’s unwelcome visit from Hurricane Isaias, I realized one of those trees was dangerously positioned over the power lines to my home.

So, Saturday morning Tom (that groovy dude, who I’m fortunate to call my partner in life), came over, armed with his chainsaw, clippers, and willingness.

We, really HE, cut down that dangerous tree and a BUNCH of other yard debris. There’s still the other dead tree and plenty more dead limbs to cut, clip, and clear. But for those three solid hours, on Saturday morning, we did enough.

One of the greatest lessons I keep learning from this pandemic season in our world, is I can’t do everything. Heck, some days, I can’t do anything. But some days, I can do what I can do.

And that is enough.

How have you witnessed or experienced enough, lately?

2 thoughts on “Enough #28

  1. Such a lovely, loving story. I recognize and relate to the ‘boo-boo’ that I am sure a sneaky branch got him in his leg. 😉. I felt and looked much this same way after Hurricane Irma cleanup. God has blessed you and Tom, and for today that is enough. 🙏🏼❤️

  2. Patti, I’m sure you can relate to coming back from natural disasters and the sacred cycle of life. May recovering from all of our ‘boo-boos’ be as painless and complete as possible. 💜🌀✌️

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