Enough #35

My word for 2020 is ENOUGH.

It’s such a great word and realization. And it’s so versatile!

  • I can use it while standing tall, with clenched fists and lots of exclamation points. “Enough of THAT!!!”
  • I can use it when I remember to put Fear in the back seat. So I can get on with Life. “Enough, already.”
  • I can use it when no matter how I try, things just don’t turn out as I planned or wanted. So I can allow a glimmer of grace to creep-in and flip my compassion switch ON. “:: deep sigh:: Enough.”
  • I can also use it when God/The Universe/and Everything Good presents one of those gobsmacking moments of awe and love. “THIS is enough.”

Back in early April, I joined many around the world, who covered their front doors with hearts. At the time, my sense of hope was beginning to shift. That hope has waxed and waned, over these many months. But it has been present. And that’s been enough.

The other night, it felt like time to remove the hearts. One of my neighbors called, early the next morning. She’d noticed the hearts were gone. And that worried her. So, she called to make sure I was OK.

Noticing, caring, and reaching-out to one another seem to be some of the invitations/gifts of this season in our world. They may not be ever present, but they do show-up. They do help. And that’s been enough.

The cooler mornings, pumpkin patches, falling leaves, and that Harvest Moon fuel my hope. So did the vibrant flowers, this past spring, did. As I mentioned earlier, hope waxes and wanes. But it’s present. And, for me, that’s enough.

How have you experienced or witnessed enough lately?

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