Shift #2

My word for 2021 is shift. Like everyone I know, I’ve learned a lot, since this time last year. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that change and uncertainty just are. Since I’m not in control of much more than which yoga pants, Zoom-appropriate top, and slippers I’ll wear each day, I needed to figure out how I could deal with all the change and uncertainty. That’s where shifting comes in.

For me, shifts involve acceptance and adjustment. I know I don’t have much control, but I have unlimited choices. I can shift

Some of my recent shifts have been pretty significant. Some have been tiny. Some haven’t happened, yet. And I’m sure I’ll make a lot of shifts I can’t even imagine

This is not a preachy statement from me to you. It’s the shift I’ve needed to make, especially this week. People I love are YELLING from all directions about how correct they are and how incorrect anyone who doesn’t agree with them is.

I don’t know much, but I do know when it seems like so many people are coming from a place of PLU (people like us), not many people benefit. So, I need to shift to listening more than I talk and definitely more than I YELL. And I need to shift into more willingness than willfulness, when it comes to learning from my fellow human beings.

That’s all I got, this week. How are YOU doing and shifting out there?

4 thoughts on “Shift #2

  1. Shift: I am not doing very well at SHIFTing my attention from what’s happening in the nations capital and reportedly also in state capitals around the country. I can’t look away. I guess I need to shift from my circle of concern to my circle of control. Hard to do. Maybe I need to make sure I write to my elected representatives over and over again in the hope my voice will at least be counted on their staff clickers.

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