Shift #3

My word for 2021 is shift. Like everyone I know, I’ve learned a lot, since this time last year. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that change and uncertainty just are. Since I’m not in control of much more than which yoga pants, Zoom-appropriate top, and slippers I’ll wear each day, I needed to figure out how I could deal with all the change and uncertainty. That’s where shifting comes in.

For me, shifts involve acceptance and adjustment. I know I don’t have much control, but I have unlimited choices. I can shift

Some of my recent shifts have been pretty significant. Some have been tiny. Some haven’t happened, yet. And I’m sure I’ll make a lot of shifts I can’t even imagine

These are my friends Pickett and Ellie Mae, on Easter Sunday 2019.

Pickett had many friends. She had That Gift of making each one of us feel like no one mattered more to her than And each one of our hearts were broken when Pickett died this past August 9. Today is her birthday.

Her death shifted me and my spirit in many ways, as I know it did many others. The shifts for me have been to:

celebrate Guest Books, even more than I already do;

pay attention to my accessories (my pal Susan helps me with this shift, too😜);

look longer into the eyes of people who have glorious smiles;

let the people I love know how much I love them;

more profoundly honor, when a pianist offers to play;

stop and pay attention to the critters I spot, especially when I’m out walking;

become more proficient at separating egg whites from egg yolks;

share chess pies, when I do bake them;

celebrate every single sign and stain that I used to share my home with a glorious dog; and

turn it up and dance with abandon, when I hear those first guitar riffs and George Thorogood sing Bad to the Bone.

Pickett, I’m so glad you were born! Thanks for shifting my life.

What kind of shifts have you made or experienced lately?

2 thoughts on “Shift #3

  1. I was more than dubious when my kids, sharing my home, announced that they wanted to get my grandson his first puppy for Christmas in 2019. He was ready, but this old lady didn’t think SHE was. On Dec 23, my son made a long drive to Augusta SC and back to fetch the surprise beagle mix rescue puppy. My grandson rolled around the floor giggling in ecstasy, not believing that Santa really would have made this early delivery he wanted so much. He named her Gizmo within an hour. Lots of pee, poop, and chewing later, she and her people moved on to their own home. I miss her daily presence as much as I miss them. I miss her managing to fit her now-28 lb self onto my lap, I miss her always-enthusiastic greetings. I miss her conferences with the neighbors dog. I miss her asleep on our beds or the couch. I miss the random buried “bones”. I am thrilled with her visits and glad to babysit. I am past the point of taking responsibility for early morning dog walks and vet bills. But I am so glad to share the family’s pet.

  2. Oh Penny, Gizmo sounds wonderful! Our four legged family members can sure help shift us in great ways.

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