I tested positive for COVID this week. Reading that news in my online health record gave me pause. And I know I’m not the only one who got that same news this week. I send you all ALL that is good.

No, I don’t know how I got it. Yes, I’ve been careful. Yes, I’ve been vaccinated and boosted. Yes, I felt pretty crunchy for six days. No, I did’t require professional medical treatment. Yes, I’m feeling much better. And yes, I might be over-doing it, by self-quarantining more than the CDC recommended ‘at least five days, followed by at least five days wearing a tight-fitting mask.’

And here’s why. Right now, I feel like a fire breathing dragon. Even though I don’t know how I Got It, I will do everything I can to not give it to anyone else.

Over these past couple of years, I’ve feel like I’ve been combatting a monster called COVID. Now that my body has it, I feel like I’m the monster, too. Feeling like a monster makes me pause.

I know I won’t feel like a monster much longer. I hope this pause does last though. Since this pandemic began, I know 187 people who’ve died with/from COVID. Every single one had family and beloveds who will always be affected by those deaths.

As someone to whom COVID has been kinder and gentler than it has to many others, I’m holding onto the pause it gave me.

How have you been paused by COVID? Thanks, in advance, for keeping your comments respectful of others’ varied experiences.

6 thoughts on “Pausing…

  1. I got it, also this week. No idea when or how, and most importantly, WHY. I’m vaccinated and boosted and always careful. Luckily it only took a week of my life, and not my life.

  2. Understood, Valerie. I hope your recovery is complete. And amen to your point about the timing. Amen.

  3. I have not had COVID. I know too many who have and several who have passed from it. Like you, I am boosted, wear masks, my cuticles are hard as rocks from all the sanitizer and I would love to know another song to sing other than Happy Birthday when washing my hands. My doorknobs have never been so clean. However, those awful masks I faithfully wear have given me dragon breath, but I hear it is better than COVID. I don’t know why people like me are getting it and I haven’t – feeling very grateFUL for that. BFFS, my heart hurts every time you do. Prays, love any positive energy for a complete and speedy recovery!

  4. Sending love to you, COVID is kind of hard on the empathetic. You’re doing everything right IMO.

  5. Linda, thanks for the love and prayers. I’m definitely on the mend. And I hope you continue to avoid this crud. 💜

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