In late January, I wrote about pausing with some egg cups I found in a re-discovered Mom Box. I’ve enjoyed using them often since then. Recently, I’ve also paused with two other treasures I found in that same box.

This is the stainless steel teapot and crockery cream pitcher Mom used daily, when she could still make her own morning tea. I’ve lost count of the number of teapots Mom, Mari, and I collected over the years. Each of us had our own favorite, and this was Mom’s. She bought it the last time the three of us were in England together. Every time I use, or even look at it, I’m taken back to that little shop in Kensington and the time we enjoyed there. We explored a lot on that trip. We also paused, often with this teapot.

I seldom drink tea in the morning. Its aroma just doesn’t stir me like freshly ground coffee. Mid-afternoon and right before bed are my favorite times to pause with a cuppa tea. And now, those pauses are even more comforting.

What kind of pauses have you experienced lately?

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