Deep and humble thanks.

In the U.S., this is Mother’s Day. Of course, that makes me gratefully remember my mom. Edna Jackson Bearnes truly was a force of nature.

Mother’s Day also helps me reflect on how grateFULL I am for all who have, are and will mother me and so many others.

You know who you are, but in case you’ve forgotten, THANKS to YOU who’ve mothered me by: 

teaching me how to hard and soft boil eggs perfectly every.single.time;

bandaging my right hand when, my left hand can’t do it;

showing-up at exactly The Right Moment to just hold me, as I cried;

proving to me (decades ago) that I could never have too much toilet paper on hand (who knew? 😜);

giving me the perfect advice about accessorizing;

reminding me that I can never go wrong by speaking from my heart;

instructing me in the different types and uses of sewing machine needles;

encouraging me that letting go of physical and emotional stuff that no longer serve me is always good;

telling me when I’m being bat-shit crazy;

holding space for hope and offering prayer for me, when I’m not able;

introducing me to Mary Oliver, Lucille Clifton, and John O’Donohue;

listening without trying to fix;

going with me, when I couldn’t or shouldn’t go alone;

laughing with and often AT me, until we both cried;

loving me; and

accepting my love.

How would you like to thank those who’ve mothered you?

2 thoughts on “Deep and humble thanks.

  1. Did Edna really say “bat shit crazy”? I thank God she taught you about sewing machine needles and listened without wanting to fix.

  2. No, Mary Mac. Edna didn’t say bat shit crazy, but she said worse. 🤣💜.
    Someone else,who mothered/s me, said/says that to me. Just like someone else, who also mothered/s me, taught me about sewing machine needles (look in the mirror to find out who💜).

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