One of my favorite rituals is repainting my walking stick on my birthday. I never know what to expect until it’s finished

Last year’s design was one of the most simple ones I’ve ever done. Just feathers and a rambling path of dots. It felt right, for last year. This year’s design is a little bolder and brighter. There are still a few feathers and plenty of disconnected dots. And this feels right for now.

What are some of your favorite rituals?

2 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. How cool is that, Lisa! I love it! I guess a favorite for me is keeping a finished project ritual. I photograph my project, post a photo of my finish on Facebook, write it in my quilting/sewing journal, and IF it was actually planned, cross it off my ever-burgeoning to-do list in green highlighter. No doubt that’s a bit obsessive if me, but it increases my satisfaction and encourages me to face up to the NEXT thing.

  2. Hi Lisa, mine is to keep a project going all the time. When I’m close to finishing one, I make sure another is already thought out and started even if it’s just picking out fabric.

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