This is Ethel. Her husband is Fred. Their best friends are Lucy and Ricky.

I met these two couples’ ancestors, of the same names, 35-years ago, when I moved to Lake Waccamaw. Every year since, they’ve brought their kids to visit.

When I feel angry, heartbroken, or just uncertain, it helps me to pause long enough to celebrate how some very.good.things in life never change.

What helps you?

2 thoughts on “Ethel

  1. Beautiful!

    Most days, at work and my job mostly consists outdoors, nature helps also, but softly. The geese, dawn, deer, many birds, and fox stop me softly and silently. Nature, this past week, was quietly needed.

  2. Mary Lynn, thanks for this wisdom and gentle challenge to us all, to pay attention to what’s around us. 💜
    PS, y’all Mary Lynn is a USPS mail carrier/angel!

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