Pausing with History

Ken Burns has been helping me prepare for the Fourth of July this year. I’ve seen almost all of his documentaries. And I eagerly await the release of those in production, especially The American Revolution.

I’m finding Burns’ documentaries on Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin especially timely, for so many reasons. As always, Ken Burns knows how to tell even the most complex stories with attention to detail and without personal bias. Both of these documentaries reminded me how.very.human we all are. And they both renewed my hope in the firm foundation our founding fathers offered our country.

What are some of your favorite historical documentaries? Who are some of your favorite people from America’s history?

2 thoughts on “Pausing with History

  1. Ken Burns’s documentary JAZZ was enthralling- a way of knowing American life through its music, a way of learning much more about music, a way of entering into the lived experience of others who were geniuses of creativity and often my conductors into a world of constant, undeserved suffering I have never had to understand, a trip through the changing history of our nation. I was enthralled and moved. I learned so much.

  2. Thanks, Penny! I haven’t seen Jazz yet. You can trust it’s now at the top of my watch list!

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