Pausing with Ribbons

Several weeks ago, I needed some extra light. I needed to brighten my outlook. So I brightened what I was looking at, by hanging colorful ribbons from the huge tree in my backyard.

I admit it, I’ve been ticked-off with God lately. It’s happened before; it’ll happen again; and it’s never a fun place to be. In an Avett Brothers song called I Should Have Spent the Day With My Family, there’s the line, “I was wondering when God left and why he didn’t say goodbye.” That line summed-up exactly how I’d been feeling.

Then we had one of those glorious summer evening rainstorms and I got to witness this. The outside was matching my insides – stormy, churned-up, and pretty certain God went on vacation without telling me.

The next morning, I got to witness this.

God was back. Yep, I know God hadn’t really gone anywhere. In my anger, I had. Those ribbons reminded me that God is always swirling around – with the rain and other storms and with the morning songbirds and calm waters. I’ll get mad and forget again, but for now, the ribbons remind me. And hey, I’ll take it.

I don’t often write here about my relationship with God. But if you’ve ever been mad at God (or whatever you call What’s Bigger Than You), I’d love to hear or read about how you dealt with your anger.

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