Pausing in the Yard

Here at lake Waccamaw, we call our lakeside yard our ‘front yard’. Well, this is what my front yard looks like. This is how it’s looked for years. I have a lot of trees in my yard. And many of those are pine trees.

I’m sure all of these pinecones and Spanish Moss would look messy to some people. To me, they look like like what they are – the cycle of nature. In the winter, I use the pinecones as kindling in my fireplace.

The scattered Spanish Moss blobs remind me of that Cloud Game I used to play as a kid. I like to look at them just long enough to figure out what each blob reminds me of.

When you have a few minutes, ponder that blob in the middle of this image. What does it remind you of?

4 thoughts on “Pausing in the Yard

  1. With the hole in the center it kind of looks like an eye. I love this Lisa. It reminds me how important imagination is, even as an adult. ❤️

  2. My next door neighbor’s yard is as perfect as a putting green, with a beautifully kept Japanese Maple in the center. My yard has a big messy area full of zinnias and lantana, which get kind of scraggly as the summer draws to a close. The butterflies, bees, wasps and other insects are still happy there, so I pretty much leave it all alone. This year I did not even have to plant fresh zinnia seeds, as I had enough volunteers from last years’ flowers to fill the whole plot. I will let the leaves fall and lie where they are. Happily, no one fussed at me about my messy yard.

  3. Thanks for joining in, Cynthia! I spotted an eye too. I spotted a funnel. And then and then and then… Right you are about imagination! Maybe especially for adults.😜💜

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