Pausing at the Blue Ridge Music Center

At Milepost 213 of the Blue Ridge Parkway is the Blue Ridge Music Center. If you’ve been there, you know, If you haven’t and have any interest in Mountain Music, I hope you’ll visit, next season.

I say next season because, their live performance season ended this past weekend. Tom and I were fortunate enough to be there to hear the Blue Ridge Ramblers.

All of the regular members weren’t there this past Saturday afternoon. Those who were there generously offered four hours of music, stories, and engagement that were more than I could have imagined.

Out of respect for them, I didn’t record their performance, but several of the songs they shared were new to me and left me gobsmacked. The Blue Ridge Ramblers definitely helped me pause.

Band member Jim Purcell introduced one of their songs by letting us know it was written by one of his favorite bluegrass musicians, James King. After hearing the song, I understood why. You can listen to it from the link below.

What music has helped you pause lately?

4 thoughts on “Pausing at the Blue Ridge Music Center

  1. It is well has been my pause song. It gets me pass the frustration of hurry up snd wait, questions still unanswered, knowing the to do list is growing but you need a time out. Calling out the names of powerful prayer warriors to give me strength.

  2. Marina, prayers surround and abound. Thanks for taking care of you in the midst.

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