Change #6

This alcohol ink piece was created by poet/ artist Wendy Videlock. I love how she uses movement and mixes colors. This piece gives me a sense of calm in the midst of change.

Speaking of change, Wendy also created this poem. Ever since I discovered it, the last two words of Change put words around one of my greatest hopes.

What poems speak to you?

2 thoughts on “Change #6

  1. I’ve been reading through, and trying to think about my word.
    I think it’s faith.
    Faith in myself to do right and always be true to who I am. Faith in the universe and it’s path set out there for me. Faith in understanding.

    Also Bowie! Bowie and so many artists give me faith that being myself takes me where I’m supposed to be .

  2. Jessica, I love your word for this year and how Bowie and other artists nurture your faith. I have a lot of faith it’ll be an awesome year for and because of you. 💜

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