Change #9

GIGO = garbage in, garbage out. This is my new garbage can (please ignore the crumbs on the floor 😜). For the past few years, I had one of those awesome pull-out thingies that held both my garbage and recycle containers.

Then the pull-out thingy broke. After trying to fix it and pondering replacement options, I had an epiphany. As much as I loved the convenience of that pull-out thingy, I didn’t love how hard it was to clean around and under. And I do love a clean kitchen.

So I changed my system. I installed new flooring, using remnants from my post-Florence restore. My recycle holder is now tucked in the back of the cabinet and this new little garbage can is conveniently mounted to the inside door of the cabinet.

And trust me, it’s little. That’s been a bigger change than I expected. It’s 12x8x6 inches. This new size made me aware of how much I was throwing away. I thought I’d been doing a great job of recycling and not purchasing styrofoam or single-use containers, but WOW!

So, thanks to something important to me breaking, I’m doing better at remembering that old adage- GIGO. As a result, I have less garbage coming in and less going out.

What kind of similar change experiences have you had lately?

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