1982 – 2012 in a year of 2012 wOws!

My “word” for 2012 is wOw!           

wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.   Over this next year of Sundays, I’m going to share some wOw!moments from the previous week.  By December 31, 2012, I’ll have shared 2012 wOw! moments.   

I hope you’ll have spotted (and maybe even shared) close to that, too.

wOw jarHere’s what made me say wOw! this week:

1983. Fourth Sunday in Advent service at Grace Episcopal;

1984.  the amazingly holy way my friend Jo is honoring my sister this Christmas;

1985. watching  a heron WALK down my pier;

1986.  receiving a starling murmuration dvd;

1987.  the All Shall be Well  river stone Tom had custom-carved for me;

1988.  the ring around the moon;

1989.  Harley and McKenna singing Christmas carols;

1990.  Jo’s BooksAMillion gift cards to The Kids ~ in celebration of Mari;

1991.  St Christopher medals;

1992.  tea, crumpets and Devonshire cream with Mom on Christmas morning;

1993.  a very simple and holy Christmas day meal with Mom and her friends;

1994.  the laughter of family on Christmas Day;

1995.  the comfort of  sappy Christmas movies;

1996.  soft boiled eggs and soldiers on Boxing Day;

1997.  the very bad idea of travelling home through a creepy storm;

1998.  fancy housework gloves from MC;

1999. receiving an original photo of my grandmother, grandfather, mom and sister (circa 1961) from one of my DEAR  English cousins;

2000.  The Adventure of stocking my home with HEALTHY Kid Friendly Food (AND a little junk :)) ;

2001.  the honor of bearing witness to a dear person’s Story;

2002.  gearing-up for two sets of kid-visits over the next week;

2003.  pizza and salad with Blake and Jerrah and BOTH kids getting seconds of SALAD;

2004.  the kids creating their first mini- loom potholders;

2005.  starting a Couch Kids’ Time Capsule;

2006.  Jerrah (age 8) playing with my Tibetan singing bowls;

2007.  listening to Blake’s (age 11) Bucket List;

2008.  the compassion, whimsy and wisdom of kids;

 2009.  a VERYYYYYYYYYYYY full and grateFULL weekend with Blake and Jerrah;

2010.  looking forward to Harley’ and McKenna’s (age 9 – twins) arrival on Wednesday;

2011.  deciding to fill a wOw! jar during 2013 (will update ya’ll NEXT December 31); and

2012.  deciding on my 2013 Sunday Blog Offering.  Hope to see you next Sunday for our new Adventure!

What made YOU say wOw! this week?   And how will you continue being a wOw!- monger in 2013?