my new way of bookeeping…

Nope, this isn’t a post about accounting.

It’s about something I love – reading.

And I love books.  My home is full of them.  Some are even in bookcases.

This past weekend, I decided it was time to spring clean the largest of my bookcases.   That meant cleaning each book.  And of course, that meant stopping to appreciate each book – when, where and why I’d gotten it; what it taught me; where it had taken me; and why I still had it.

It also meant a new way of displaying them.   I got this idea from an image I saw on Pinterest .  It’s very new to me not to have my books in order of subject, author, etc.    I love this color display though.   It makes me smile.   It also helps me notice books I’ve been overlooking.  Ya know how easy it is to wear only 20% of the clothes you own?  It’s like that for me with books, too.

So now I’m re-celebrating books I’ve owned and loved for years,but taken for granted.

Hmmm… wonder what else I need to color code?

How do you make sure you don’t take things or people you love for granted?