blessed are the cracked…

After instinctively putting my hand over my heart, the first thing I did after hearing about Doc Watson‘s passing was smile a loving smile.   There’s no way I can count the hours I’ve spent listening to Doc’s music.  He was, is and will be a blessing.

I’d listened to his music for years before I realized he was blind.    I loved him even more after knowing that.

My paternal grandmother was blinded in her 30’s.  Before then, she’d been a cake decorator.   She remained one after a car accident (and subsequent surgery) took her sight.  Then her cakes looked like a blind lady did them.   And her customers remained fiercely loyal.

Life really IS about using our cracked-ness, isn’t it?   And Life so full of opportunities to choose how we’re gonna roll with It.

So today, as I move slowly and deliberately because of the adventures of MS,  I’m going to paint handmade paper posters and listen to Doc’s music.   I might even make a really ugly cake.

Thanks, Doc.  And thanks, Grandma Bearnes.

How do YOU celebrate your cracked-ness and roll with It?