do my thighs feel thinner because my kitchen is clean?

About two years ago I read a book by Peter Walsh called Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?   Loved the title and the concept.   While it didn’t change my life overnight, it was among several resources that helped me step into a new way of living.

With the help of some dear friends, reference books and TV shows –  I got organized.   As I blogged early last year, they were right, finding a place for everything and putting things back in their places rocks!

And ya know what?  I’ve stuck to this new way of living.   I’m not saying I don’t still have one junk drawer; a stack of random papers in my studio; or that I NEVER go to bed with dishes in the sink.  I am saying that, at any given point, I know where to find my three v-neck, 3/4 length sleeved, black T-shirts; a pair of good scissors; and IN DATE spices.

This may not seem like much to some of you uber-organizers.  To me though, it’s MAJOR.

This process (and that’s what it is) has taught me MUCH.  I’ve noticed one guiding principle in this new way of living – I do not bring anything into my home without taking something out to offset it.  Yep, even groceries and mail.   It’s amazing how this IF/THEN exercise keeps the power of choosing in the front of my mind.  Note:  this does NOT include people or dogs.:)

So – DO my thighs feel thinner?  Maybe a little.  I DO feel lighter, more at peace and my life is much less complicated since cleaned my mirror and traded in my baggy jeans for some What Not to Wear recommended ones.   Who knew?

What guiding principles help you feel lighter, more at peace and UNcomplicate your life?