Is it harder to forgive or be forgiven?

forgiveSomeone asked me this question ealier today.

It kind of stunned me.

And it lead to a rich conversation.

The context of her question (and yes, I’ve gotten her permission to mention our conversation here) was that early last  month she discovered that a very close friend had stolen from her – substantially.   She was so angry that she immediately drove to the friend’s home for a confrontation.  As she pulled into her friend’s driveway, she didn’t see her friend’s two kids playing in front of the garage.  She hit one of them.  The child survived – with very critical injuries that will require several surgeries over the next few months.

As you catch your breath, I’ll let you know that this woman and her friend are working hard on extending and accepting forgiveness to and from each other.  They’ve even involved a neutral third party.

It’s going to be a long road for all.    As I hold them both in my heart, I ask

where are you with this whole forgiveness thing?