Pausing with Posters

Back in 2000, I started making paper and creating journals with that paper. Several years later, I started creating simple hand painted posters with handmade paper. And I was astounded by how those posters quickly became my best selling product at Cheap Therapy.

This week I was creating posters for one of my longtime gallery partners, Rivercross. It’s the Mast General Store’s handmade in the USA gallery and is next door to the original MGS in Valle Crucis, NC.

What first gave me pause was this old plastic bag. It’s filled with the supplies I use to finish my hand painted posters. It holds my favorite pens, spiral stamps, signature chop, and other tools to fine tune each completed poster. This plastic bag is more than 22 years old.

What also gave me pause was how much I genuinely still delight in creating each of these posters. As the poster above reminds me, creating Cheap Therapy stills helps me “come alive”

What have you been doing for a long time that still helps you come alive?