how my AARP card is helping me get ready for my high school reunion…

It was too cool to use my AARP card in reserving a hotel room for my upcoming high school reunion.   The years it took to earn that card are also helping me prepare.

Reunions offer mixed blessings.  They give us the chance stand up straight (as long as we haven’t thrown-out our back), strut our stuff  (even though a lot of that stuff is in a different place/shape than it was in high school) and  let go of old stuff (the stuff we can still remember, that is). They also give us the chance to look (if we peek over the top of our bifocals) into the eyes of people who helped us become us.

So in the midst of my “am I going to be the only one who is gray,  wrinkly,  less in shape and less accomplished than I’d hoped?” silliness, here’s how I’ve decided to approach this reunion:

1. I’m celebrating that my memory isn’t what it used to be. So i’m not going to be embarrassed  to look for those name tags.   Nor will I be hurt when people look for mine.  🙂    AND  I’m releasing all sadness and fear about anything that I blamed on anyone – including me! We were kids, we did the best we could.   Heck, we’re NOW ADULTS and we’re STILL doing the best we can.

2. I’m going to treat every single person in front on me as if they’re my significant other.  Because at any given moment, the person in front of us really IS that.  Each one of us is completely different and completely the same – a goldmine of  rich life lessons.  So  I’m going to learn something holy from every person with whom I have the honor of reconnecting.

3. I’m going to dance – a lot.   The older I get (especially with a cane), the more I realize that having rhythm is very relative.  I don’t know a lot about dancing – one thing I do know is that people look very happy while they’re doing it.   So I’m going to join in the happiness – ignoring how goofy I’ll look.

How do ya’ll approach high school reunions?