homing in…

This is a shrimpburger with the sides from El’s Drive In in Morehead City, NC.

For most people who grew up along or near North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, El’s shrimpburgers are one of the major food groups.  Sure, other places serve fried shrimp on buns with slaw and ketchup – not like El’s though.

A recent trip Home required a side trip to El’s.  It often does.  I know I’m Home when I’ve been to El’s.

There’s that “yes” sigh and I’m sixteen again.

Other things mean Home to me, too:  where ever my mom and sister are;  driving past the churchyard where my dad taught me to drive that 1972 avocado green Pinto; Ralph and Nancy; and being with other people who’ve always understood how strange I am and still find a way to accept me.

I love the place I call Home now.

I love the people who are in the Life I now call Home.

And there’s no place that That First Home.

How do you know you’re Home?