Shift #34

My word for 2021 is shift. Like everyone I know, I’ve learned a lot, since this time last year. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that change and uncertainty just are. Since I’m not in control of much more than which yoga pants, Zoom-appropriate top, and slippers I’ll wear each day, I needed to figure out how I could deal with all the change and uncertainty. That’s where shifting comes in.

For me, shifts involve acceptance and adjustment. I know I don’t have much control, but I have unlimited choices. I can shift

Some of my recent shifts have been pretty significant. Some have been tiny. Some haven’t happened, yet. And I’m sure I’ll make a lot of shifts I can’t even imagine.

I took this picture in the late ‘90s, when Tom and I were on our way to Hope, Alaska. This was our first visit there. It wasn’t super-easy to find, but worth the trip. We shifted off the Seward Highway at mile marker 56.3 and drove 17 miles, til the road dead-ended at Hope. Yep, it was a worthwhile shift.

Wouldn’t it be great if finding hope was as easy as following directions on a map? Lately, I’ve been having a hard time finding it. Don’t worry, I know it’s still out there, probably at the end of a dead-end road, but it’s out there.

So, this is a group participation post. How do YOU find hope, or shift toward it? Thanks, in advance.