horse sense…

Penland School of Crafts sweatshirt – $39;

Jes MaHarry handcrafted heart ring – barter/swap for many handmade books;

Keen ‘Chuck Taylor’ lookalike shoes – a virtual song via EBay;

Riding a horse for the first time in more than 40 years – PRICELESS.


wOw!   A few weeks ago my friend Tony gave me the opportunity to ride his beautiful appaloosa, King.   I am NOT a horse person.   Don’t get me wrong –  I love horses.   I’ve just never had much of a chance to be around them.

I learned so much in the short time I shared with King.

Here’s SOME of what I hearned:

1. Horses really are BIG. I know, “Duh…” – I just has to state this obvious point.  It reminded me of all the times I THINK I’m bigger (stronger/more UNneeding) than I really am.

2. Horses need a lot of tending. Humans do too.  Many aren’t quite as effective as horses at letting other creatures know it though.

3. Horses like to be approached from the same side each time. Hmmmmm… wouldn’t life be a lot easier for us humans if we all knew ahead of time how to best approach each other?

4. Horses will usually go where we want them to go – if we let them know. Again, hmmmmmmmmm… and we humans can even use our words.

5. And even though some might seem as big as one – no horse is an island. Us neither.  We really are all in THIS together.

I know many of you are very experienced with horses and their special sense.  What have they taught you that you’re willing to share with us?