parenting our parents ~ chapter 4

IMG_3088There’s a blue tailed skink under this old Tupperware cake topper.  I’ll explain more about it soon.

My recent visit with Mom had so many glorious moments.  It also had those heart-wrenching moments of helplessness at not being able to make being almost-90 and recovering from The Hip and Wrist break any easier for her.  At 57, I get frustrated by how forgetful I am about my keys or passwords.  At almost-90, Mom gets very frustrated by not remembering how to answer the phone or which day it is or not being able to hear well or speak loudly enough so she can communicate with the three other people at her assisted living dining room table.

To my friends who longer have living parents or who have parents who don’t even know who they are – please know I am NOT trying to overshadow your loss and pain.  I deeply honor you and those you love.

I’m just sharing a day-in-the-life of a woman who used to help people deal with end-of-life planning, professionally, and is now trying day-by-day/minute-by-minute to help my own mom be in That.Season.

So, back to the skink.  I’ve had a rugged day. It’s hot in North Carolina and my body is remembering it has MS in it. My spirit and energy are low.  I was fighting back tears all through church this morning.  I let them roll as soon as I got home.  Three hours later, I was ready to take a shower and – well, at least stop crying.  So I went to get a fresh glass of water.  That’s when I spotted the skink in the middle of my kitchen.  He (or she – who knows/cares?) was just there – taunting me.

Lizard creatures give me The Creeps.  Some people are afraid of spiders, snakes, heights, etc.  Lizards are my nemesis.  They make the hair on my toes stand up.  They make me do that awkward-jump-from-one-foot-to-the-other-dance (which is especially comical with a cane).  They make me say words that would make my USMC friends blush.  I pay the folk who work with me at Cheap Therapy $5 for every lizard they catch in my home (without teasing me with it).  This skink was NOT what I needed today.  And I was on a mission.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all the details of how I finally trapped that skink.  Just know, it took me and hour and a half and I did it.  I carried it across the road to the canal and set it free.

Yep, I fixed something today.  I made it better – maybe not for the skink, but at least for Blossom and me.  In the midst of  a tough day in That.Season I stumbled into a Thin Place with a skink.

Ya gotta love it.  I sure do.

How’s it going for ya’ll?