the quirk quest…


I’ve been noticing my quirks lately.    I have WAY too many to count and certainly to list.   I am finding that noticing them is entertaining and enlightening though.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

quirk (kwûrk)

1. a peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible
2. an unexpected twist or turn: a strange quirk of fate [origin unknown]
And here are five of my most prominent ones:
1.  When I peel an orange – the skin HAS to come off in one piece.     A lot of people ask me what would happen if the peel breaks.   I’m not sure.  I honestly can’t remember that happening.
2. When I sleep – one of my feet has to be outside of the blanket.  It doesn’t matter which foot.  Is there such a thing as being ambidextrous with my feet?
3. When I eat a sandwich – I always eat the crust first.   And yep, this applies to tacos, too (and I DO get that tacos don’t have crust.).  Hey, it’s MY quirk – ha!
4.  Before going to bed each night – I make sure every pillow in my home is rearranged to its original position.   This is my ONLY hard wired organizational quirk.
5.  I wear something purple every day.  For as long as I can remember, this has been as conscious a part of  preparing for the day as brushing my teeth.
Who knows how or why quirks begin and continue.   All I know is that we all have ’em.  They help make us who we are.  What are some of yours?