…the clothes off her back.

Mari n me 1961As I type this post, I’m wearing my sister’s favorite ‘cozy’ (aka – sleep-in) clothes –  blue and green capri madras pants and a fresh white t-shirt.  She left them here the last time she visited, almost three years ago.  I let her know immediately that she left ’em.  She told me to hang onto them for the next time.

This was months  before her ‘diagnosis’.  During the holy and heartbreaking season of her dying and death, I asked her several times if she wanted me to bring them to her.  She always said, “No, you might need them someday.”

It’s been 805 days since I last said, “Goodbye, I love you BEST.” to Mari.  And she was right (again).  I needed those cozy clothes today.  It’s not been a bad day.  Actually, it’s been a great day.  It’s been the kind when we would have talked for hours on the phone about silly stuff, like our nicknames for the contestants on American Idol or what we thought might happen next on Castle or what we were going to fix for dinner that evening.

Since we can’t talk today, I’m feeling the coziness of her love; relishing her sarcasm & wit; and just plain missing her.

How do you celebrate the people you love whom you can no longer call?