tuning in…

I long ago gave up feeling embarrassed when I asked younger friends what kind of music they were listening to and what they thought I needed to tune into – musically.   I even try out some of their suggestions.   More often than not, I head back to my longtime favorites though.

It’s harder to do that with TV.  As this year’s Emmy Awards are being discussed, I’m amazed that I’ve never heard of many of the nominated programs or actors.  Aside from trusting that I can always find 60 Minutes on Sundays at 7pm or that West Wing reruns can be spotted on Bravo – it’s tough to find the television equivalent of Tom Waits, Clapton or Bonnie Raitt.

I did get hooked on one new TV show this season.  Modern Family makes me laugh out loud every single time I watch it.   I’m not a “Gleek” though.  And I have to admit, I really don’t care who America’s Next Top Model will be – I know it won’t be me.

So I ask ya’ll – what are you watching and what am I missing?