Fall Rush…

Fall Rush begins tomorrow.

And I’m not talking about the university Greek kind.   Small creative businesses like mine are now beginning the annual push to prepare and mail orders for our customers.  Our customers are independent gift shops, galleries and  bookstores who need handcrafted goodies to sell to you for the Holiday season.   It’s exciting.  It’s fun.  And it’s always a juggling act.

juggling I am grateful for the orders.   And I’m determined to be a successful juggler this year.   A pal of mine is a professional juggler – in a circus.   She says the secret to successful juggling is threefold:

1. breathe

2. keep your eye on the ball(s)

3. keep breathing

Hmmmmmmmmm… seems applicable.  So I’ve printed those instructions and have them posted on my daily worksheet.

I’m also going to:

a. remember why I’m doing this;

b. have fun;

c. look at the large picture;

d. divide the large picture into smaller pieces;

e. work on the smaller pieces bit by bit;

f. celebrate the small triumphs;

g. remember my juggling friend’s advice; and

h. remember why I’m doing this.

How do you successfully juggle?