THOSE kinda friends ~

This weekend, I’m reuniting with some pals I’ve had for more than 20 years.  If you tried, you couldn’t find a mix of more different women – nor more loyal and loving to each other.    Over the years, we’ve stepped into divorce, love, financial disasters,  exciting developments,  disease, healing, careers, retirements,  death and life together.   We have always been THERE for each other in the best way we could.   Mostly we’ve helped each other remember that everything we need is already inside.   Simple, but not easy.

As I prepare for this reunion, I’m celebrating all the people in my life who’ve helped me remember to trust myself and to laugh every single day.  Some are blood.  One got kicked out of the Brownies with me.  Some I’ve known for years.  And  some are people with whom I’m just learning to share trust.    THANKS AND LOVE to you ALL.

What about THOSE kinda friends in YOUR life?