what’s in yours?

If you live on the southeastern coast you learn to believe in the power of hurricanes.    Like most of my neighbors, I have my storm stash ~ batteries, an old boom box w/radio, plenty of candles, food that doesn’t need to be cooked, fresh water, and some way to heat water for coffee – the basics.

Picnictime_Picnicbasket_BAI also have The Basket – which holds The Things I couldn’t leave behind should I need to evacuate FAST.   Yesterday I was going through The Basket, to be sure it still held The Right Things.   It’s funny how some things have been in The Basket for years and some items change.

My dad’s 1928 prayer book is always in there.   His handwriting is all over the pages.   It’s holy to me, on several levels.   My Will and Powers of Attorney stay in there, too.  I know, know – boring.  I am a recovering former banker though.  Also inside are some cards, a mini labyrinth,  love letters, pictures and dog toys.  Yesterday I swapped two novels for a journal, pencils/pens.   I also leave enough space so I can toss in my wallet at the last minute.  These Things are surrounded by bubble wrap, which serves a dual purpose – as protection from weather AND a fun game.

It’s not a very big basket.   That’s good because it helps me remember to focus on what’s important and how much I REALLY want to carry around.

Do you have A Basket?  What’s in it?

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