3 tips to avoid holiday season stress…

Let’s face it.   These next few weeks of the year can be very stressful – if we let them.

What if we tried to NOT let them?

What if we chose to simply focus on three things each time we started  feeling THAT anxious ‘holiday season stress’?

Are you ready for the three things?


Are you sure?


OK.  Get ready – you might even want to get your pen and paper out.




Here they are:

1. Remember what’s important.

2. Remember what’s important.

3. Remember what’s important.

Can you remember that?





4 thoughts on “3 tips to avoid holiday season stress…

  1. glad you like it, PP.

    haha, indeed, Rocky ` much success to us alllllllllllll.


  2. Thanks for the great tip! I hope my middle-age-short-term-memory-loss won’t kick in too often during this time!

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