My faith tradition is Christianity.   In that tradition, today begins one of the most holy seasons – Lent.  For me, Lent means waiting and reflection.  It also means paying attention to what’s happening and preparing for what’s about to happen.

As a kid, Lent meant I had to give up something I loved – like chocolate.  It also meant I put the money I saved on chocolate in a mite box.

Over the years, my Lenten rituals have changed.   I let go of something and observe fasting times.  I’ve also added a couple of rituals to my life.    One is bowls.

During Lent I place an empty bowl in each room of my home.    Whenever I notice a bowl I stop; say a couple of prayers;  spend some time in stillness and then offer prayers of thanks for the creator of that specific bowl.   It’s kinda stunning how I notice the bowls less and less as Lent moves along.   It’s also holy.

This bowl ritual reminds me to be open; to pay attention; and to MAKE time for additional stillness – for peace.

While rituals are often associated with religious/spiritual stuff, they’re also part of our other real world life.  For example, an everyday ritual of mine is that before I go to bed each night, I put every pillow in my home back in ITS place.   I do this so each morning I’ m reminded that every day is new.

What kind of rituals enrich your life?

7 thoughts on “rituals…

  1. I guess a ritual that enriches my life started about 27 years ago when I was student teaching. I drove and three other friends rode commuted with me every morning. We commuted over an hour and I was new to driving. SOOO…each morning and afternoon when we got in the car I said the following prayer:Dear God, Please keep us safe from any cuts, bumps,scrapes, bruises or accidents to us, the vehicle or anyone else. Amen!

    I have continued to say that prayer all these years since everytime I get in the car for a trip.

    Even my husband and children say the prayer now as part of our traveling mercies ritual!

  2. I love your comments about rituals; this may not be a ritual but just as you, I tried getting up chocolate and all those delicious things. I am now trying~negative thoughts and sayings and asking God to help me continue this all year. I hope he considers this a sacrifice. I admire you so much and keep up the good work!!

  3. Judi, what a beautiful prayer. THANKS for sharing it.

    Corrine, LOVE your ritual. hope you’re OK if i join you in that one. deep and humble bows of THANKS!

  4. Corrine and Lisa- Good luck with your chocolate-less ritual. I am sure God will appreciate your sacrifice!!!!

  5. What a nice way to make prayer part of every day and every corner of your world. I think there’s a lot to be said about the little rituals that make up our lives.

  6. Rachel, thanks, it works for me. couldn’t agree more that little rituals put a cool spotlight on the seemingly mundane/overlooked.

    thanks for commenting!

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