let it be ~ week 3

My word for 2014 is Accept.  

Accept is one of those words that often gets a bad rap.  Sometimes it’s confused with giving-up.  On the contrary, accepting is about choice and power. It’s about recognizing what you can and can’t control and taking the next.right.step for yourself.

When life isn’t going as you’d prefer, accept that you can handle it.  You really can.
Accept that you can simply say,”Bring it on! Here I am.  Let it be. I accept!”

So for this year of Sundays I’ll be posting different renditions of the song Let it Be.  I invite you to join in the fun by sending me your favorite covers of this great song to piergazer (at) gmail.com.

Our version this week comes from Linda Cataldo.  Thanks, BFF(S)!

2 thoughts on “let it be ~ week 3

  1. Paul McCartney is my Fav Fab 4, Beatle. I typically don’t like cover bands. They tend to change the original too much. However, I was so blown away when I heard Tessanne and Adam sing this verson of Let It Be. I really loved the reggae verse. How could you not fall in love? Mother Mary does comfort me! And for over 40 years (yikes, where did the time go?) in my hours of darkness her words of wisdom have come through loud and clear in a holy vessel I am blessed to call my BFF(s). So, on this beautiful God given day, I accept my life will never be as perfect as I would like it to be. Life is so much better when I accept, let go and just LET IT BE!

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