Wednesday wOws!

wOw! is one of those fabulous words that fits positive, negative and neutral situations.  It’s a word we can use when no other will work.   A couple of years ago, I reported more that 2012 wOws!  Here are a few things that made me say wOw! this past week:

tomatoes1. how powerfully the human body can heal – even/especially an almost 89 year-old one;

2. how much better a new heat pump/ac cools my home than the 30+ year-old one it replaced;

3. dead cell phone;

4. new cell phone;

5. dead car battery;

6. new car battery;

7. figuring-out how to re-program my car radio;

8. my body remembering it has MS in it;

9. fish tacos;

10. the gift of a new washer and dryer from that darlin’ Tom;

11. REAL tomatoes;

12. baby ducks;

13. a dear friend’s good news;

14. the scent of the lavender by my front door;

15. Tom reuniting with his beloved ’34 Chevy;

16. Skyping with Mom;

17. Arthur; and

18. the power of choosing to Roll.With.It.

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