wOw moments ~

Tonight I was driving home from a meeting and spotted the moon.   I had to stop my car so I could just stare up.   I was stunned.   Mostly, I was grateful I’d noticed it.  wOw!

I’m NOT a photographer by nature, talent or trade.  So I didn’t have a camera with me.   I DID grab my point and shoot Olympus as soon as I got home though.

I’m a firm believer that wOw moments are meant to be not only noticed, but shared.    What say we all become wOw-mongers?

What wOw moments have you experienced lately?

2 thoughts on “wOw moments ~

  1. Hey Lisa! I love you, miss you, and hope you are doing well. This picture reminded me of a wow moment that has not only always stayed with me, but has come to have a special meaning for me. One evening, after work, on a very cold night, in the parking deck, I sat while waiting for my car to warm up. David (hubby) and I were teachers for our church’s middle school youth and I was dreading having to go there. I was tired and really just wanted to go home. I was shivering and just looking down at my dash waiting for the thermastat to move. Then I heard that voice in my head (God) say to me to “Look up. Look at what I made for you.” When I looked up I saw the most beautiful, moon I had ever seen. It was huge and looked as if I could reach out and touch it. I had the feeling God was telling me to slow down, stop stressing, and to appreciate what he had created for my joy. I decided to change the rock station I had on to WBFJ which is more contemporary Christian Rock music to listen to on my way to church. As I pulled out of the parking deck, the moon was right there in front of me. Just as big and beautiful as it was before. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Then a song came on the radio. Guess what it was singing about? “That’s why God made the moon” was the title. Since then, I’ve had several “moon” moments. One was when Bonnie got baptised, about 3 years ago. Afterwards we walked outside the church, and there in the sky was a big beautiful full moon. I had prayed for many years that Bonnie would get saved. No, doubt, God knew how special this night was for me. Sorry, for the long comment. Just had to share!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhh Beth,
    how great to hear from you – THANKS!
    and talk about wOws!!!
    LOVE your moon story. i’ll remember it every time i spot a great moon-gift.
    love you too~

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