are we there yet?

As I write this post, there are only 49 days til our local farmers’ market opens.  I can hardly wait!

Spring always stirs my excitement over what’s growing along with my anticipation of what’s about to happen.   Spiritually, this is the season of Lent.  So we Christians are on the countdown to Easter.  Gardeners are planning their beds for the season, while combating the desire to get plants in the ground NOW.  School kids , well we all remember what they’re looking forward to :).

Springtime is the season of expectation.   It’s the season of what if… That’s good.

Sometimes my expectations keep me from celebrating what’s right in front of me.  That’s not so good.

So today, on the first day of Spring, I’m going to take the dogs for a walk and count the new flowers.  I’m going to hang some laundry on the outside line. I’m going to rinse the pollen off my car.  And I’m going to watch out for what’s happening right in front of me – that I could have never expected.

I’m going to resist asking Are we there yet? and remember that I am here (as I continue to countdown til the farmers’ market :)).

How about you?  How do you balance excitement, anticipation and expectations with the wonder of what IS?

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