what’s your tree?

This is my lifetime pal Linda – up in a tree.

She climbed it this weekend as part of her Life List.   Remember that movie The Bucket List?   Well Linda prefers to call hers a Life List.  And climbing a tree while her body would still cooperate was near the top of it.

Yay Linda.

Now that we’re in our 50s, Linda and I have often talked about Those Things we want to do or do again at least once between Now and Then.  It feels odd to be in the part of life to start thinking this way.   I know a lot of people who are thinking this way though.

Some want to skydive.  Some want to ride in a hot air balloon.  Some want to finally get The Harley. Some just want to one day be able to go into the bathroom alone.

As we step into a new season, I’ve been thinking about my own Life List.

Last year I got to experience my #1.   My NEW #1 is to travel the distance of  the Blue Ridge Parkway in one trip. Doesn’t have to happen this year.  I just want that experience, especially with my life co.pilot, Tom.

I have eight things on my Life List right now.   I’ll name the next one after I’ve accomplished #1.   That’s one of the many cool things about my Life List (and being over 50) – I get to make up my own rules.

Do you have a Life List?  If so – what are you rules?  And how’s the living part of your list going?

4 thoughts on “what’s your tree?

  1. I’ve had a wonderful life, and a wonderful partner to share much of it with. So my “Life List” is fairly short right now. So many great things I’ve already been able to do….and share. Watching the trees start to bloom, and actually feeling warm weather is like a breath of new life. Might sound strange, but it’s a wonderful feeling knowing I’ve done most of the things that were dreams to many people, and knowing I did many of them that were dreams to me. What better “Life Dream” could you have than “have a great life, a great partner and great friends?”

    But hey, that ride in a hot air baloon..and a glider are still on the list!

  2. Oh Wow, I sort of had a “Bucket List”, but I like the idea of the “Life List” so much better. Thanks, once again, dear friend.

    That hot air baloon ride is up at the top of my list too, so Tom, when you and LIsa want to go, let me know. I have actually found someone near here that offers them!!

  3. couldn’t agree more, Tom. you’re on your own for the glider tho 😉

    Becky, that balloon bash sounds FUN!

  4. I love the idea of a Life List instead of a Bucket List, although I did love the movie!

    I would have to say I don’t have a list of things I want to do between Now and Then, however, as I go along in this life, I do try to keep track of the neat and wonderful things I have done and reflect on them from time to time. While my husband would say those are “girl rules” they work for me!!! 🙂 And reflecting like that does nudge me to “want to do” some other things.

    Some of the things that have made my list so far are: sitting on my front porch swing looking out at my lantana bed when it is in bloom; being a motorcycle passenger on a short trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway (it was awesome); being with my mom when she died; giving birth to my two children; parasailing in the Bahamas; drinking fresh ground,fresh brewed chocolate raspberry coffee while sitting in my front porch swing reading a great book.

    I’m not quite sure what will make the list next, but I’m looking forward to finding out!!!! 🙂

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