week #8 in an experimental year…

One of my rituals for each new year is to choose a word for the coming year.  My word for 2011 is EXPERIMENT. To support my EXPERIMENTAL focus, I commit to post the results of a new experiment each Sunday of this year.

I’d love to know who the first person was who said, “Music these days ~ I just don’t get it ~there’s no rhythm and I can’t even understand what they’re saying!”

Pondering this and watching the Grammys last week prompted this week’s experiment.  I dedicated  this week to finding and listening to musicians/music I’d never heard before.

I LOVE music.  It’s playing in my home at least 50% of the time I’m awake(I love quiet, too). And I’m not sure if my car will start if my radio or IPod aren’t going, too.

The thing is, I know what I like.  So I don’t often look far outside my spiral of favs – especially regarding music.

Last week’s Grammys nudged me to shift a bit.  Thankfully, I recognized (or grew up listening to) enough nominees not to feel completely disconnected.   There were MANY though, of whom I’d NEVER heard.   Some of THOSE… well, one of my favorite acknowledgements is “I know them well enough.”  This phrase applies to many of the new folk I ‘met’ on the Grammys.

Some I want to know MUCH better though ~ like those Avett Brothers~ wOw!  They’re even from my home state!  And they’re soon performing close to here – sold out though – so sad.  Arcade Fire also grabbed me.

So many dear folk (THANKS  Jennifer, Carol, Harold, Marcus, Kent, Cheryl, Jessica, Rob, Hack, Jim & Julie) suggested new folk to me.  I listened to all.   Was moved by many.   So much music ~ so little time.

In all of my surfing, the music that grabbed me most powerfully was from Flogging Molly.  They’re now on my hard drive and in my IPod.   Here’s the song that did it for me

The musician I met this week whom I’ll probably listen to the most often listen is a Kansas ‘fingerstyle’ guitarist named Andy McKee.  If you haven’t met him yet, get ready to be gobsmacked…

So this experiment was huge for me.   I’m enjoying a LOT of new music on my IPod.  Mostly, I enjoy knowing that Eric, Stevie Ray, Bonnie, James, BB, George, Carole, Al, Keb, Van, Leo, Amos, Leon, Ben, Gillian, Nanci and Sara have so many cool followers out there ~ carrying on…

What music grabs you?

7 thoughts on “week #8 in an experimental year…

  1. Oh my! I LOVE the Andy McKee! And what the ___was he playing? I’ve never seen anything like it. M y kids keep me up to date on a lot of Indie stuff. Through them I learned about (and now listen to) Iron & Wine, Boniver, Dr. Dog, Band of Horses, and Local Natives. Of course, I also have to listen to Israel Darling, the band Michael toured with a couple summers ago. (Check out the video of them in NY playing “Samson the Mason”—Mike is to the left of the lead singer, Jacob Darden. The song sounds better on the actual CD. The band Mike is now with, Friend House, has a video on You Tube playing “Drunk Town” at the Green Bean in Greensboro. He’s the little guy on the right in the blue shirt. ) I sometimes wish I were that age again and could choose a path more like that, but I wouldn’t have wanted to worry my mother like he does!

  2. SO glad you like him, too,ML! i thinkkkkkkkkkkkkk it’s called a guitarp? kewl, eh? and thanks for all the tips! and i, for SURE, am thrilled i’m exactly the age i am 🙂

  3. Love this entry! If I ever say, music these days…etc. I hope someone hits me upside the head with a stick. Music changes with the times and there are so many excellent bands out there that are so much easier to find and access these days via Itunes, Zune pass, etc. I’m a full time studio artist and if I didn’t have my muse-ic, I couldn’t do what I do so I’m with you on the music and the silence in balance part. Amos Lee has a new album called Mission Bell which is pretty interesting, Calexico is pretty cool Bakersfield indie rock (if there is such a genre) and I accidentally stumbled on Gary Moore’s “Still Got the Blues”. So sad, he just died way too young, but what a guitarist! Gives Santana a run for his money. I love Vampire Weekend for bouncy days, they sound a lot like Paul Simon sometimes, odd that.

  4. Now we are into music! One of my very favorite things in the WHOLE world. Thanks for the smiles — Flogging Molly has joined the ranks – what a great song!
    Wonder how many of us have a story to go with it… hum?

  5. Rozanna, oooooooooooooooo LOVE & appreciate all the suggestions! you had me at Paul Simon & Amos Lee. Rock (and Blues) on, sistah!

    Judi, SO glad to help 🙂

    Carri, tickled you liked Flogging Molly, too. was afraid i was the only person who hadn’t yet ‘met’ them. 😉 hmmmmmmmmmm. indeed!

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