saying “Yes”…

After almost 25 years here at Lake Waccamaw, I’m accustomed to seeing fisherfolk in my ‘yard’.  This was a first though.

I’d spent much of the afternoon in creative mode and went outside to see what was happening.  That’s when I spotted these guys standing there, fishing.  It was raining.  They didn’t seem to mind.

Neither had a bucket for their catch.  They were just there, ready for whatever.

They were saying “YES”.

I thought I was good at doing the same thing until I witnessed them.   Watching them reminded me that I’m good at “Yes, but…” or  “Yes, if…”.   Just “Yes.” is tougher for me.

What’s saying “YES” like for you?

2 thoughts on “saying “Yes”…

  1. The thought of those two fisherman made me smile because it made me think of my dad and my uncles, who all loved fishing simply to fish and be together. My uncle died just last year at almost 93 years old…. and he fished up to the last season. He couldn’t move along the stream at all, so my dad always found him a bridge or steady spot to stay at. And he would fish. He was an excellent fisherman, and that last season, he caught very few, but he kept asking my dad to take him.

    I never thought of it before your posting, but my uncle understood and lived “Just say YES!”

    I don’t do it well at all, but the closest I come to “Just say YES” is when I sit out on my front porch in the evening enjoying the wild life quiet and a nice glass of wine. And I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing to get saying YES right!! 🙂

  2. I’m with you, Lisa – much more accustomed to “yes, but” and “yes, if.”

    “Yes” can be really scary.

    But if I learn from those fishermen, I’ll see that “yes” can be calm, relaxed, natural, organic, and connected. So…..YES! 🙂

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