week #46 in an experimental year…

One of my rituals for each new year is to choose a word to influence me for the year.   My word for 2011 is EXPERIMENT.   To support my EXPERIMENTAL focus, I commit to post the results of a new experiment each Sunday of this year.

I warn you in advance, this MIGHT be a gender-exclusive post.  Maybe not though.

Like many women I know, I have mannnnnnnnnnnnnny tubes, tubs and sticks of lipstick.  I’m always in search of that PERFECT one.  En route to finding THAT ONE, I seem to find and use the same one every day – until it runs out.  Then I move onto another one.

This week, I branched out.   I wore a different shade of lipstick every day this week.  Oh yes I did.

I know some women match their lipstick to their outfits.  Since the vast majority of my outfits are in the same color range, that’s not really an issue for me.  For me, lipstick isn’t so much about how it looks.  It’s about how it makes me FEEL.   Some of the ones with which I experimented this week made me feel pretty.  Some made me feel bright.  Some made me feel sexy.   Others, well, not so much.  Don’t even get me stared on the day I wore that light pink one you see here.   And it was all because of lipstick.  Who knew?

Well, I know now.

That light pink one is called guava.  I never did l like guava.  And I’m going to leave that tube out ~ as a reminder to trust my instincts ~ until I get tired of remembering That Day.  Man, that was a bad day.

How do you manage your lipstick choices?

11 thoughts on “week #46 in an experimental year…

  1. Have you ever read that analysis of personality based on how you wear your lipstick down? Fascinating. I, like you, have many colors. I try to choose them based on the color of my outfit. I do have one particular favorite that is particularly pretty on ME, but I don’t give up on wearing purple and plum colored lipstick even if that coral-ish rose is really THE most flattering color. I also have a frew lipsticks that are sort of wierd on me, like a ‘Paradise Pink’ that is way too pale. As my Mom often has said ‘you don’t get dressed, you put on your COSTUME.’ She, on the other hand, has one favorite color, and buys a couple of tubes of that lipstick every time she has a chance to go to the mall 40 miles away, and uses that same color with absolutely everything. I dress my face to be part of my costume, she uses the color she likes best on her face . . . . both those choices seem like excellent ones to me. I don’t, however, use make up to make me look like ‘a different person.’ That is not an approach I have ever liked–I want to be known for who I am ‘underneath’ at all times.

  2. I found one lipstick about 2 1/2 years ago that just looks good on me no matter what. So that’s what I use. I have to remind myself to wear lipstick,, so that tube lasts me a good year – probably way longer than I should be using it. I try not to think of the bacteria.

  3. I don’t usually wear lipstick at all…..maybe it’s time for me to experiment with just wearing some AND different colors!

  4. I love lipstick. If I could only have one cosmetic, it would be lipstick! In the fall I tend towards brownish-reds. In spring and summer, I lean toward pink. I am thinking of trying out a coral soon thanks to your post!! Woo-hoo!

  5. Like many of the ladies I am an absolute hound for lipstick, fetching a new tube home every chance I get. I have learned that coral shades look like crap on me. Radioactive lips. Anyone remember Tangee? Came in a tiny tube and looked clear until you got it on then ORANGE! As I get older I am discovering I look better with lipstick so there I go in pinks and brown reds. Another useless tidbit: did you know that 30 years ago all PanAm stewardesses had to wear the same lipstick color, Persian Melon, even if it looked like crap on them? So much for the romance of the skies…

  6. Penny, too cool to know that there are ‘analysEEEEEZ’ about lipstick! konw that i celebrate your underneath~~~

    Janet, wishing i could send cyber anti-bacteria stuff 🙂 yay YOU!

    Judi, happy exploring~

    Alicia, whoooo hoooo, indeed!

    Rox, Perisan Melon, really? 😉

    thanks, dearz….

  7. I find a shade that is a perfect match to the natural color of my lips, then I stay in that “palette,” maybe getting darker in the winter months with more gloss or bronzer in the summer. I find I’m a “plum” as in “Stephanie Plum” or “plum loco” or “pullin’ out a plum.” I love anything that makes me feel silly. <

  8. Oooo Lisa-sorry I’m late with this one but you wrote it for ME I know!! I am the lipsick and lip liner queen-Gotta have long lasting ones and I’m a mauvey plummy gal but sometimes I get brave too! If I go overboard I look like the after picture of Dolly so I try to be careful!

  9. Lauri, i’m plum-thrilled to get your tips!

    Ginger, you just made me shoot coffee out of my nose 🙂

    thanks, ya’ll…

  10. I know I am late on this one as well but I am with Penny. I used to have the sheet regarding personalities regarding how your lipstick looks after applying. It is quite telling. Wish I still had it!! I as well go back to the same lipstick. No matter how many I try, I always wear the same ones!! Oh well!! As they say if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!! 🙂

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