Enough #27

My word for 2020 is ENOUGH.

It’s such a great word and realization. And it’s so versatile!

  • I can use it while standing tall, with clenched fists and lots of exclamation points. “Enough of THAT!!!”
  • I can use it when I remember to put Fear in the back seat. So I can get on with Life. “Enough, already.”
  • I can use it when no matter how I try, things just don’t turn out as I planned or wanted. So I can allow a glimmer of grace to creep-in and flip my compassion switch ON. “:: deep sigh:: Enough.”
  • I can also use it when God/The Universe/and Everything Good presents one of those gobsmacking moments of awe and love. “THIS is enough.”

On July 17, 2020 the world lost a great American leader. In case you don’t know Representative John Lewis’ story, I hope you’ll learn more about him.

His life was the epitome of enough, although I doubt he’d agree. He lived a life of purpose, zeal, and integrity. He was always moving forward with and for others.

This incredible image of his remains lying in state in the Capitol rotunda was captured by Jonathan Ernst and was published in the New York Times.

Jonathan’s father, Matt Ernst (who’s a Lutheran pastor friend of many), explained to me that Jonathan placed a remote-controlled camera at the top of the Rotunda in the Capitol for John Lewis’ lying in state—then went back up to retrieve the equipment.


Shortly before his death, John Lewis penned his final essay, requesting it be published on the day of his funeral. In case you haven’t already read this inspiring piece, you can read it here.

Who knew, when I started this year of enough, that we’d all be living in and with the circumstances we now find ourselves. It’s helped me remember that among the many things enough can mean, it doesn’t mean everything is exactly, perfectly, and ideally just.the.way.every.single.person.wants.it. I’ve come to realize, in a profound way, that living a life of enough-ness simply requires I make the next best choice and take the next right steps for myself.

Enough-ness is not always easy to discern, much less do. But in those rare moments, when I stay out of my own way and it all clicks, I feel a lot like John Lewis must’ve felt in the following video.

How have you witnessed or experienced enough lately?

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