No need to go crazy ~

Yep, these are crazy times, but there’s no need to go with them.

Here are seven things we can do:

1. Breathe. It can be tough to tell friend from foe these days. Oxygen is your friend.

2. Do what you do. If you make something – keep making it. If you sell something – keep selling it. If you’re running for an office – keep running.

3. Choose from information not fear.

4. Laugh. If it’s tough finding subject material – don’t turn on the TV – find some kids and/or animals.

5. Visit. If you’re in business, talk with your favorite customers. If you’re not, talk with your favorite people.

6. Hope. Do a little leaping. No matter how rugged the facts look – a little hope never hurt. We all know s*%t happens – nets do too.

7. Breathe.

4 thoughts on “No need to go crazy ~

  1. Sugar Mountain was spectacular last week…….talk about the beauty of nature’s paint brush !

  2. I am trying to live # 3
    …trying to make decisions on the information including the fact that if I don’t try to control every detail wonderful opportunities will unfold.
    My heart so tells me it’s the right thing and the sane thing to do but fear sometimes creeps in and tries to nudge out faith.
    Thanks for this forum that allows thinking and sharing and growing!

  3. Cathy, THRILLED you got to be in The Hills for such beauty!

    Ginger, that CONTROL thing sure can get in the way, eh? YAY YOU!

    Lisa, i send you CLEEEEEEEEEEar breaths! thanks for connecting!

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